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IT Service Management is the term we give to the management of IT services through their life cycle, from design, development and operation. Over the years, a set of best practice documentation, embodied in the ITIL publications gave organisations a set of processes, practices and guidelines about how best to manage IT services.

Syniad are specialists in IT Service Management. We help IT organisations improve their ways of working to better manage complex IT services.

Common Challenges

Having an effective process model

IT leaders are struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change.  However, even in the face of this rapid cycle of change, it is vital to have an effective process model which underpins it.  Our 6 steps to Improve How Work Gets Done in IT, will provide a good starting point for most organisations.

Developing an IT support model

We’ve noticed a growing trend for organisations looking to expand their portfolio of IT services by selling them to other businesses and sometimes direct to customers. A good example of this would be in-house applications being commercialised for resale to a broader market, which necessitates the development of a support model. We have made some observations on the rise of the support model and what it entails.

Incident Management

With ever more complex systems, there is a need to ensure that the post-incident analysis is thorough so that all the contributing factors are understood. This way steps can be put in place to prevent a recurrence. We have been regularly involved in conducting these major incident lessons learned reviews and have a tried and tested approach for conducting them.

​​Roles and responsibilities

A common issue is merely knowing who is responsible for various elements of the process and ultimately, who is accountable. We constantly rely on RACI diagrams to define this, find out why you shouldn’t be afraid of RACI models.

Demand Management

This facet of Service Management is often overlooked, but the funnel of new or changed services, or indeed any new work, into the demand funnel is critical. We explore 6 steps to improve how work gets done in IT

Service Design and Transition 

During the development of new or changed services, it is critical that there are effective Service Design and Transition processes in place to ensure that services are fit for life. You might want to consider how good your Service Design and Transition processes are. A consequence of bad Service Design and Transition are very busy support teams, who are effectively making up for the shortcomings of poor Service Design and Transition processes.

Even in organisations which use Agile and DevOps, there is still a need for effective processes.

​​Request Fulfilment

The Request Fulfilment process is a critical one, as it provides a front door for IT customers to request IT services

Critical to this is the need to establish a Service Request catalogue. We have assembled 3 steps to building an effective Service Request catalogue to help organisations develop their catalogues. We have also developed 7 tips to optimise your Service Request processes for digital transformation to help put your Service Request at the heart of a Digital Transformation program.

Service Reporting

Reporting can become incredibly labour-intensive and onerous if it is not controlled. We have developed some top tips on how to optimise reporting in a complex SIAM environment to prevent reporting from taking over your organisation.

Knowledge Management

In today’s highly complex IT organisations, having an effective Knowledge Management process is critical. We explore this in more detail in our steps to Knowledge Management success article.

IT Software and Hardware Asset Management

Too many organisations controlling their IT assets is critical, not just from a security perspective, but also from a financial perspective too.  We have developed 9 tips to improve Hardware Asset Management processes to help you improve your Hardware Asset Management processes.

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  • ​​IT Operating Model design
  • Organisation Design
  • Process Design
  • Governance model design
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