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Client Challenge

Our client, Parliamentary Digital Services (PDS), needed to significantly improve their hardware asset management (HAM) processes, in order to be able to successfully track end-user assets, reduce lead times for the ordering of new equipment and manage the asset life cycle more effectively.

What We Did

We produced an extremely detailed report containing prioritised recommendations for process improvement, accompanied by an implementation plan.  Our client, Rob Sanders, Director of Live Services said that “it was important that the Digital Service could appoint an organisation with proven experience in this field, and with appropriate subject matter expertise, in order to be able to conduct the thorough review required.

The report that Syniad IT produced a detailed end-to-end review of the service, helping us to pinpoint specific areas of focus.  It provided the basis for a subsequent phase of implementation of their high priority recommendations, which will enable us to rapidly increase our efficiency and effectiveness as we prepare for the upcoming General Election.  We have retained Syniad IT’s services to help us with this improvement journey”.


Our report provided PDS with a clear path to follow to improve the end user experience of asset ordering, whilst improving efficiency and controlling IT costs more effectively.  We were retained to assist in the implementation of our recommendations.

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