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Client Challenge

Our client, Computacenter, needed help with the development of a new Operating Model for their managed service business.

What We Did

Baseline assessment

Syniad IT led the initial data gathering and design phase, facilitating workshops to capture current issues and developed options for improving the existing operating model by way of an improvement plan.

Design, build and optimise

We worked with senior leaders to develop the core components of the Operating Model, and also with subject matter experts within the organisations to then work up the detailed operating model design.

Solution implementation

As Computacenter moved into the implementation, we developed and delivered the training approach and material, and supported Computacenter’s team in its delivery.


Maintain, update and adapt

The Operating Model is now being rolled out across Computacenter’s accounts. We have supported roll-out planning and knowledge transfer, leaving Computacenter’s programme team to deliver the Operating Model to their account base, using the experience and learnings from the successful pilot phase.

Nat Ives, Service Enablement Director at Computacenter said,

“Syniad IT were integral to the success of the design and build of our new Services Operating Model. We benefitted from their ability to facilitate the development of the core principles of the operating model, and in the structure, they brought to the creation of the new model. They helped us to reach consensus on complex process issues amongst a diverse stakeholder community and challenged us to think differently.

Following a successful pilot, we now feel equipped to roll out the Operating Model across our accounts, and we look forward to realising the following benefits:

  • A single point of accountability within each account for services
  • Reduce complexity in our interface with customers
  • Improved fulfilment time for customer requests
  • A clearly defined end-to-end process for the design and implementation of solutions to our customers

Syniad IT brought a unique set of skills to the programme, which has proved to be invaluable in all phases of its development.”

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