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Client Challenge

The client was about to embark upon a large sourcing program, which involved moving to a multi-vendor SIAM model, from a single-vendor model. Syniad IT was engaged to lead the initial design and build of the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) solution. This involved the development of a target operating model which focused on the design of the retained organisation, process landscape and underpinning technology.

How we helped

  • Design, build and optimise

We designed a solution that focused on three key areas People, Process and Technology.

  • Solution implementation

Due to the size of the program, we established separate projects which would focus on each of these areas. These three “work streams” operated under a single program governance to ensure that they remained connected. Each workstream comprised a leader, as well as subject matter experts and those performing similar roles in existing IT organisation. Each work stream was assigned a client owner, with Syniad IT maintaining a strategic oversight of all work streams, as well as owning the Technology work stream.

The People workstream undertook organisation design, sizing, role definition and role grading.

The Process work stream developed a SIAM process architecture and set about defining the end-to-end process models to be performed by the retained organisation and the Service Provider ecosystem within the SIAM model.

The Technology work stream developed a tooling strategy that identified the tooling requirements for the retained organisation within the SIAM model. It then initiated a Service Management tool selection project, which involved requirements definition, vendor selection and contracting.

ServiceNow was selected as the Service Management tool, and we managed the system configuration of the tool, in collaboration with a specialist systems integrator, TeamUltra.


  • Maintain, update and adapt

The program represented a huge cultural and transformational change program for the client. In addition to the subject matter expertise that Syniad IT brought to the program, stakeholder management was also key to the success of the program.  We managed stakeholder buy-in and commitment, through a series of “town-hall” meetings which kept users informed of the impending changes and the impact these would have on their roles.

The client’s Sourcing program began to execute its plans to transition from the single-supplier model to a SIAM model in early 2015. The retained organisation, processes and tools were in place to successfully support the transition from the single-vendor to the multi-vendor Service Provider model.

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