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What is it?

Our Team Maturity Assessment is our unique framework focusing on reviewing and improving the development and management of employees and teams within the organisation. We typically deliver this within IT organisations, but can do so in virtually any team.

We assess areas such as, Personal development, Morale, Training, Knowledge and documentation, Communications, Proactivity, Governance, Tooling, Financial management, Risk, Quality and Industry best practice to develop a subjective view of the effectiveness of the teams and the development of the individuals within them.

How is it assessed?

To accomplish this, teams and various individuals are interviewed in honest and confidential consultations by an impartial party to form an objective view. The data is then collated and analysed to assess key areas that need attention and improvement. This information is written up into a report which contains both strengths and weaknesses and recommendations are made. It is not a quick fix and will take time to implement changes and often, if necessary, change the culture of the individuals within the business.

Why do it?

It is people who bring success to their business if they are motivated to do so. Team maturity assessments help leaders gain understanding and provide insight which can then be built upon to improve performance, motivation, increase efficiency and define expectations of both employee and employer. It can improve team self-awareness, highlight common themes and critical areas that require improvement.  In addition it can identify teams that require more support and  track progression over time through regular check point assessments if necessary. This assures teams are on track and working in the most optimal way.

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What happens next? 

Recommendations are implemented, tried and tested! It is an ongoing process and may require follow up reviews of progress and further assessments.

If you’d like to improve the efficiency of your teams and ensure your staff are working at their optimum, then please get in touch.