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What is Service Management tool selection?

IT teams typically use Service Management tools to automate workflow, drive efficiency and improve end-user experience.​

As IT teams grow and IT services become more complex, there is often a need to enhance the IT Service Management tooling which underpins the Service Management processes.​

Often, it is difficult for organisations to understand their requirements and how the various tools in the market might meet their needs.​

That is where we come in.  ​

We are independent of any ITSM tooling provider.​

We regularly work as a trusted advisor to assist our clients in understanding their requirements and evaluating the various IT tooling options.


Our many years of experience in these areas have taught us a thing or two.​

If you are looking to undertake your own tool selection process, we have assembled 10 ITSM tool selection tips to help you be successful as well as 7 ITSM tool migration tips will ensure success. 

Once you have selected your tool, we’ve assembled some generic ITSM tool implementation considerations and some tips for a successful ServiceNow implementation with specific advice for those of you who are looking to implement ServiceNow. Investing in ServiceNow is a long-term commitment and we have assembled some advice to help you maximise your ServiceNow investment.​

We’ve also developed an ITSM tool cutover guide, which describes some of the challenges involved moving to a new ITSM tool.

We often hear clients saying ‘we’re going for an Out of the Box’ implementation. We don’t believe this is a realistic aim, find out why an ‘Out of the Box’ ITSM toolset configuration is impossible.

What are our services?​​​

Tool Requirements definition


Evaluation and Selection​​

Implementation Support

Useful Links

Case Studies​

Here’s a selection of where we’ve helped clients with their Service Management challenges.​

How we helped a client define ITSM tool requirements for SIAM 
How we helped a client optimise their ITSM processes #servicenow